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People who with attachment wounds experience lasting pain if the wounds are not healed.

When something painful happens that damages our most important relationships, our life can suddenly feel like it is falling apart. Our joy crumbles. Anxiety sky-rockets. Our ability to do the normal life activities we used to do naturally feels overwhelming. The pain can be overwhelming and can lead us to isolate, avoid, or numb. Our attempts to shut down the pain can lead to lifelong consequences.

As a person with attachment wounds you want to know:
  • Is healing possible?
  • Can I really rewrite the negative core beliefs I've written on my heart?
  • Is developing shame resilience achievable? 
  • If I stop numbing the pain, will I feel better?
  • What tools are there for me to experience greater peace?

Here's the truth.  Many people have asked these questions and discovered a new pathway to healing.

With over 20 years of experience helping people find peace, I have discovered a pathway to peace that has helped hundreds of people. I went on a quest to heal from my own attachment wounds and wish to pass the skills, information, and truths on to you.   You can develop new tools and strategies for lasting peace.

The Finding Peace Course is crafted for you to tend to the wounds of the past and learn invaluable tools for lasting healing and peace.

Working individually with the author to explore the content of this course would cost well over $1000!   
The Finding Peace Online Self-Study Course is ideal for those who want to get all of the modules, lessons, and workbook downloads, included in the Online Course in an easy-to-access and affordable package.
 Invest in yourself!
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Reviews (2)

Excellent visual and auditory explanation.

by Allison Williams

Still needing to read it.

by Randall Burke

Excellent visual and auditory explanation.

by Allison Williams

Still needing to read it.

by Randall Burke

Troy L.  Love

Troy L. Love


Two-time Amazon best-selling Author, Troy also serves as the President and Clinical Director of Yuma Counseling Services. He has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Troy received his Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, PA in 2000 and much of his training has focused on addiction recovery. Troy also received Certification in Human Resource Studies from Cornell University. Troy is also a Certified Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider from Mid-American Nazarene University.

Troy specializes in working with individual’s trauma-related concerns, couples struggling in their relationships, and individuals who numb their pain through compulsive or addictive behaviors. Troy helps couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual issues that reduce the ability for physical intimacy. Troy has training in EMDR, a research-based treatment for trauma survivors, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and addiction recovery.

Troy is currently the Lead facilitator of the LifeStar Network, a nationally recognized Sexual Addiction program which he currently runs at Yuma Counseling Services.

Troy is an excellent presenter, facilitator, author, and teacher. His unique set of skills are available for both individuals seeking healing in their personal lives as well as for organizations who are seeking to improve outcomes. Troy has done workshops, lectures, and facilitated group discussions on sensitive issues to increase understanding of these issues and to facilitate change. 

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